How to earn your first coins

Many users do not have a computer that meets high performance mining. This solution is a simple way you can get coins simple home computer.
You need to download a software, and computer work. From there it is only a few steps, and you can put the coins into  Aura
Crypto Investments.

Let’s look at simple steps you what to do.

Register your free account MinerGate site. LINK
Download free software and start mining Bytecoin. (Not Bitcoin, some power to your home computer)
When the correct amount succeed mined, simple WITHDRAW to Poloniex your coins, or any other exchange, and buy Horizon, BURST coins.
Horizon, or BURST platform  find 
Aura Crypto Investments asset and shopping as you want.

AURA ASSET ID (NHZ network): 1052605162175060267

AURA ASSET ID (BURST network): 4912746836102124447

Whether HZ or BURST purchase, we will pay you a monthly dividend for a given platform. The purchased asset can be sold.


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