My investments (non-investors’ money)

Unfortunately, there are those who are trying to convince others that the Aura C.I. not reliable.

I admit, a little surprised at this when he wrote forums members. I do not know why they do. I’m not going to argue with them. The blog will always be listed on, what kind of investment they are to me my own money and results.
Many people expect to have everything hoy tell you how to make money. I will not tell you everything ….
Anyone who wants to join me, look AURA assets.

Months ago, I invested, approximately 1 ETH, this yield is around 0.8-1% per day. Reliable company, stock prices make money. There was a double profit under three months.

Another business, my investment coins mined.

Have a relationship with this company for more than three years, no problem has not been with him. Each coint paid well, quickly and reliably. Here I have invested USD 20, which is not a large amount, but apparently reliable. The coins of different exchange sites I sell, I buy at a low price or coin. So my balance is growing.

There are no great secrets to anyone who wants to join, look for the assets of AURA on BURST or Horizon platform.


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